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04 Dec 2020

Inaugurating New Officials, Director of National Library Expects Contribution in Educating the Nation

Jakarta — As many as 153 state civil apparatus (ASN) of National Library of Indonesia were appointed as structural and functional officials. Hundreds of employees were appointed in new positions with details, Upriyadi, appointed as Head of Public and Special Library Development Centre and 152 people were appointed for functional positions as widyaiswara, auditor, public relations officer, librarian, computer administrator, and staffing analyst.

In his direction, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, asked employees to make National Library as an institution that contributes to educating the nation's children. Therefore, the presence of National Library must be felt by the community. As state servants and public servants, Syarif Bando reminded that ASNs have two main tasks.

"The first is to start by educating the nation's children. Second, encourage them to be prosperous. We are waiting and we are on the way, I don't know how fast we are going to be 25 years from now to welcome Indonesia in a 100-year of independence. It is predicted that Indonesia will be in the top five of the world’s economy at that time. Our contribution is demanded there," he explained in the inauguration which took place at National Library of Indonesia in Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, on Friday (4/12/2020).

Currently, he said, the condition experienced by the nation related to literacy is uneven availability of books throughout Indonesia. In fact, books that are in accordance with the conditions of the community are needed to help people improve their quality of life.

"The most important thing now, in my opinion, is no longer important to assess the low literacy index. Perhaps the most important thing is why the ratio between population and the number of books published is imbalanced," he said.

Libraries must be present throughout Indonesia by providing education through books of applied science to the community, especially those who cannot rise from adversity because of ignorance and poverty. "The instruction from Mr. President, is clear, to reduce the disparity between regions, that is the most important for all of us. Because of that I remind all of you to be proud to be appointed as National Library employees today because I take you to look at the future of this nation, from Sabang to Merauke, throughout the archipelago," he concluded.




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