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28 Dec 2020

Supporting HR Development, National Library Signs Agreement with East Java Government

Malang, East Java - Towards the end of 2020, National Library of Indonesia and Provincial Government of East Java established agreement. The signing of memorandum of understanding regarding library cooperation was carried out by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando and Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa virtually.

The memorandum of understanding is made to improve institutional relationships between agencies in carrying out services, development, and fostering libraries. Syarif Bando stated that National Library of Indonesia seeks to improve the community literacy index in order to improve the quality of human resources (HR). This is in accordance with government policies in National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN 2020-2024). For that, said Syarif, synergy with stakeholders must be established in order to create superior human resources.

"Everyone contributes because whoever we are, wherever we work, there are only three of our duties. The first is to educate the nation's children, the second to educate the community, and the third to lead Indonesian people to a just, successful, and prosperous society," he explained while giving speech at Islamic University of Malang (Unisma), East Java, on Monday (28/12/2020).

One scope of cooperation is Development of East Java Studies Centre, which in mid-November was inaugurated by Governor Khofifah at Unisma. Syarif Bando hopes that through this agreement, the riches of past history, especially Majapahit Kingdom, can build East Java society, both from social and economic aspects.

"How to make East Java as the largest province with all its glorious history, which can then be enjoyed for the welfare of its people in the future, not only in terms of historical legends, but the most important thing is how to build human resources. How to build stories of the past for tourism and beyond," he explained.

Meanwhile, Governor Khofifah stated that her party was trying to position East Java with all its historical processes, cultural strengths, local wisdom, proven diversity, and of course with all its natural resources. Therefore, synergy with National Library of Indonesia is needed to support the validity of activity data at East Java Studies Centre. Based on the initial meeting with Syarif Bando, Governor Khofifah hopes that her party can obtain the strengthening from literary documents at National Library.

"At that time, Pak Syarif said that if it is necessary, we should look for certain manuscripts to strengthen and validate our data, if we have to go to Leiden, then we go to Leiden, and so on. It turns out that Director of National Library provides extraordinary space for us, both provincial government and especially Unisma," she explained.

Rector of Unisma Maskuri realises the importance of literacy as one of the starting points for building culture and civilisation, not only Indonesia but world civilisation. Currently, he said, Unisma library has changed and is packaged in an educational model. "This is our intention that library of Islamic University of Malang is one of the hearts of Islamic University of Malang development," he concluded.

Memorandum of understanding between National Library of Indonesia and East Java Provincial Government includes 10 scopes, namely development of human resources in the field of libraries and librarianship based on Library National Standards, development of information and communication technology system, cooperation and assistance in library management, expansion of library network through the development of National Union Catalogue (KIN) database and Indonesia OneSearch (IOS) digital repository.

In addition, an agreement was also made on the use of information sources and library collections, organising scientific meetings, research, and joint publications in the field of libraries, collection, and preservation of Printed and Recorded Works (KCKR), inventory, registration, preservation, and return of local content collections, institutional strengthening, public services, literacy for the community, and development of East Java Studies Centre. On this occasion, National Library of Indonesia also signed a Cooperation Agreement with Unisma.




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