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10 Dec 2020

Establish Learner Mindset in Family

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta —Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre of National Library held a seminar through Zoom with the theme Building a Literate Family, presenting speakers such as psychologist, writer, and bibliotherapy expert on Thursday (10/12).

In his remarks, Director of National Library, M. Syarif Bando said, "It seems that today literacy is not only limited to the ability to recognize letters, the ability to recognize words, the ability to recognize sentences, the ability to recognize causal relationships, and the ability to express opinions but literacy is more about how someone or the community can be connected with reliable, complete, up-to-date knowledge sources," said Syarif Bando.

Furthermore, Syarif emphasised that it is important for parents to build a learner's mindset that everyone must understand the outside world and parents must educate children at home to be able to see the world at large. One way to introduce children to the outside world is by storytelling, as explained by Febi Dasa Anggraini, a writer, where she regularly tells stories to her children since they were babies because of her own experiences as a child and based on articles she has read about the importance of reading or introduce books to children as early as possible. Based on her experience, storytelling makes her children more focused and disciplined.

She invites parents to continue to be with their children to improve literacy at home by providing reading material for children and parents also do so. "So, don't ask children to read books or write but their parents don't do that," advised Febi.

"It is never too late if for example there, out there, there are still parents who have not had the opportunity to introduce books to their children, so keep being enthusiastic to continue to get the children used to reading, then invite the children to write, insya Allah, every day, let alone it is carried out happily until they finally will love reading books and also writing," she explained.

Meanwhile, psychologist Sinta Yudisia advises the government to balance children's reading interest in comics and textbooks. She gave an example in China and Japan which made various versions of history books, one of which was a comic version so that children liked it more.

"It is undeniable that humans are auditory and visual creatures, especially children, they will definitely prefer to read comics rather than read long texts, so then we as the party having the authority to create something for this generation, maybe we should provide comics," she suggested.

"Actually, children love to read, it is just us, whether or not we prepare the reading material, because children up to adolescence, they still have to be helped, the facilities, we have to provide," she continued.

Educating children is not an easy matter, nor is it an instant job, and really goes through a process, so patience is required. According to bibliotherapy expert, Nanik Susanti, communication and interaction with children is built from what children like and this must be started from parents because it is rather difficult if parents ask children to start.




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