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09 Oct 2020

Superior HR through Literacy: Competitive HR is Locomotive of Development

Salemba, Jakarta — Large or small the productivity of a nation is proven by the superiority of its human resources (HR). How competitive the human resources are is very important in determining the extent to which the nation's progress is made. Literacy culture holds an important key for development to run.

"It will be difficult to compete if we rely on the average quality of human resources. In fact, they tend to walk in place. If the quality of human resources created is mediocre, the nation's progress will also be slow due to the lack of acceleration," said member of DPR RI Commission X Mustafa Kamal, on the occasion of Superior HR Indonesia Advanced through Literacy Culture Webinar held by National Library, Friday, (9/10).

Kamal gave an example of how lucky Indonesia is to have an intellectual figure of the caliber of BJ Habibie. His ability to create aircraft makes Indonesian human resources to be taken into account in global competition. Currently, Indonesia lacks competitive human resources capable of being the locomotive of development. In fact, the quality of human resources determines whether it will be able to become a creative nation.

"Eyang Habibi's literacy skills is example, we now hope to emerge a generation like Habibi who can become the locomotive of development," added Kamal. The importance of having quality human resources was also stated by Literacy Ambassador of South Sumatra Percha Leanpuri. Quality human resources is a pillar of development. In fact, it is so vital that RPJMN emphasises the development of quality and competitive human resources. The characteristics of quality and competitive human resources are healthy, smart, adaptive, creative, innovative, skilled, and dignified.

"This is where literacy contributes positively in order to increase productivity and innovation," explained Percha.

Literacy paradigm must also change. Literacy is not just having the ability to read and write, but the ability to understand, digest, and analyse text and concept to be translated into daily actions. Good literacy will help people to remain productive in creating various innovations even though, currently, in a pandemic condition.

In South Sumatra, all stake holders are actively involved in Literacy Movement. In fact, Governor of South Sumatra has launched Smart South Sumatra Movement as the embodiment of Literacy Movement. "Literacy Movement is not limited to releasing people from illiteracy, but rather a collective effort to increase literacy and reading interest of South Sumatrans so that there will be an increase in the quality of superior and advanced human resources," Percha added. Meanwhile, Acting Regent of Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (Pali) Ferdian Andreas Lacony highlighted the importance of literacy by improving micro, small, and medium enterprises (UMKM).

According to Acting Regent of Pali, literacy has a multiplier effect on UMKM activities so that continuity of skills is guaranteed. At least, UMKM players need four aspects of literacy in their routine, namely skill literacy, financial literacy, business literacy, and digital literacy.

The great benefits of literacy for the sustainability of UMKM in his area encourages Ferdian to build libraries or reading corners in villages so that there is a guarantee of community productivity.

"One of the efforts to grow UMKM is with literacy ecosystem integrated with the empowerment of UMKM so that superior human resources are created," concluded Ferdian.



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