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20 Oct 2020

Literacy in Building Community’s Economy Webinar: Crunchy Opportunity from Tourism Sector


Salemba, Jakarta - DPR RI Commission X agrees that library is a solution for nation’s welfare. Library transformation changes library paradigm which is not just preserving and maintaining collections. Thus, it is not sufficient for National Library (Perpusnas) if it only allocates Rp670 billion in funds.

"At least National Library has the courage to propose a budget of Rp.1 trillion with various supporting activities. This must be fought for,” explained member of DPR RI Commission X Sofyan Tan, starting Literacy in Building Community’s Economy Webinar held by National Library, Tuesday (20/10).

Sofyan Tan predicts that Indonesia's future will be bright if it has economic calculations in 2045, when Indonesia enters its golden age. Not always wealth of natural resources or other agricultural products becomes the support for economic foundation. Over time, tourism sector and creative industry will become one of leading sectors as the largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Sofyan gave an example, in 2019, tourism industry succeeded in becoming the second largest contributor to foreign exchange. And it is estimated that in 2045, tourism sector is estimated to be able to contribute 76.3 million tourists. "Tourism business grows other business opportunities, such as souvenirs and culinary delights. This is an opportunity,” continued Sofyan Tan.

Foresight to take advantage of opportunities in tourism business must be accompanied by mastery of technology. Moreover, recently online tourism business has a large share. Service providers do not need to bother owning a number of hotels as assets.

"Mastery of technology can be obtained from fondness of reading. When reading becomes a habit, literacy skills will have benefits for the community's economy. Literacy is not only able to read and write, but can be applied,” concluded Sofyan.

Apart from Sofyan Tan, Literacy in Building Community’s Economy Webinar also presented such speakers as, Head of Library and Archives of North Sumatra Halen Purba, and recipients of social inclusion-based library transformation programme assistance from Rambung Sialang Tengah Village Library, North Sumatra, Samidi.





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