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20 Oct 2020

Literacy in Building Community’s Economy-Literacy the Entrance to Quality HR

Salemba, Jakarta — Ancestors of Indonesian nation are known as readers. This is proven by the many treasures of civilisation in the form of artifacts and manuscripts scattered throughout the archipelago. The wealth of civilisation would not have been possible without adequate literacy and reading skills at that time.

At the golden age of Indonesia 2045, the majority of Indonesia's demographics will be enlivened by millennial generation. With a demographic bonus. Indonesia has the opportunity to become one of five countries in the world with the largest economy.

"This millennial generation is expected to make Indonesia a country to be reckoned with. They must be able to inherit the habits of their ancestors who are accustomed to reading,” said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when opening Literacy in Building Community’s Economy Webinar in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/10).

Although he admits, reading habit still often finds a steep road due to lack of reading material available when compared to the population, but the spirit of fostering literacy has never stopped being carried out by National Library. On various occasions, National Library has always promoted the importance of literacy benefit for improving the quality of life. "Literacy can be achieved by reading. This is one of the doors to form quality human resources so that they can compete globally," he added.

Literacy is not just having the ability to read and write, but the ability to understand, digest, and analyse text and concept to be translated into daily actions. Good literacy will help people stay productive in producing various innovations. "The process of innovation and creativity that is continuously being trained will lead the nation towards economic independence. An independent nation," concluded Syarif Bando.





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