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12 Oct 2020

Director of National Library of Indonesia: All Perpusnas Staff Have to Understand about 8 Areas of Change

Salemba, Jakarta - National Library held Bureaucratic Reform Socialisation for all National Library staff on Monday (12/10). This socialisation followed up on the implementation evaluation of Bureaucratic Reform and Performance Accountability System at National Library of Indonesia. On this occasion, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said that all National Library staff must understand 8 areas of change including change management, strengthening supervision system, strengthening performance accountability, strengthening institutions, strengthening governance, strengthening HR and ASN management systems, strengthening legislations, and improving the quality of public services. "In the future, performance allowance will be accepted based on the resulting performance and it is necessary to develop an application system to record National Library performance," said Syarif.

Director of National Library also explained that Bureaucratic Reform (RB) roadmap is needed based on the new National Library organisational structure. Quoting from Minister for State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, Tjahjo Kumolo that has targeted all ministries and institutions to implement bureaucratic simplification. "Currently, National Library of Indonesia has streamlined the bureaucracy by transferring structural to functional positions. This is based on the community's need to improve service quality,” explained Syarif.

According to Syarif, the need for change for the public is an increase in the quality of life, excellent public services, welfare, and good environmental quality. Whereas for bureaucrats, namely a comfortable working atmosphere, healthy social relationships, clear career patterns, good levels of welfare. "I want to convey a commitment that a clear career pattern and a good level of welfare are our common targets and every work unit should work together and unite strength to achieve these targets," he added. Director of National Library targets to reach 80% next year, so performance achievement needs to be improved.

Chairman of National Library of Indonesia RB Ahmad Masykuri conveyed change management having been carried out by National Library including through the formation of National Library of Indonesia RB Team, the formation of Independent Assessment Assessor Team for the implementation of National Library of Indonesia RB 2020-2024, the formation of agents of change, implementation evaluation, RB roadmap, RB monitoring and evaluation and changing patterns of mindset and work culture. "One of them is by building a positive work culture through internalisation of organisational values ​​which become shared commitments; professional, accountable, synergy, transparent, integrity (PASTI),” explained Ahmad.

In line with what was conveyed by Chairman of National Library of Indonesia RB, Head of Planning and Finance Bureau Joko Santoso explained that organisational values ​​will effectively influence organisational behaviour and performance if they are continuously socialised and internalised to all staff and their implementation is periodically evaluated to see the level of compliance with these values. "Furthermore, staff who excels will be given awards, and those who violate will be given warning or sanction in accordance with the prevailing legislations," he concluded.

Inspector of National Library of Indonesia Darmadi in his statement regarding RB implementation evaluation at National Library of Indonesia in 2013 with a value of 47 which was given performance allowance of 45% had decreased in 2014, then increased in 2016 with a value of 62 and was given performance allowance of 70%. In 2019 with a value of 73, the beginning of RB Unit implementation and further increased with understanding of RB to the work unit. "Hopefully National Library RB Roadmap 2020-2024 will become National Library Regulation and organisational values will be internalised ​​and RB unit will be formed, including in the new unit," Darmadi explained.




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