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12 Oct 2020

Apply the Knowledge, Not Merely Academic Achievement

Salemba, Jakarta - Quality Human Resources (HR) is the key to a high-income country. Students as the exclusive millennial generation will determine the future of the nation. This is in accordance with one of Indonesia's visions in 2045, which is to be able to produce quality human resources. This was conveyed by Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando at Public Lecture and Campus Orientation Introduction of Universitas Indonesia Timur, Monday (12/10).

Syarif Bando explained the definition of quality human resources, in this case students, namely having the ability to provide answers to all the challenges that lie ahead. Provide solutions with a positive way of thinking. For example, after completing his education, they can create jobs, or create product, then the country's per capita income can increase.

"If you go to college with the hope of getting a bachelor's degree, that is an academic achievement. However, what is expected is how we apply the knowledge that has been obtained on campus. This is the challenge for higher education, when we talk about literacy,” he explained.

Literacy is the depth of a person's knowledge; it is explained that there are four levels of literacy. First, the ability to collect reading material sources. Second, the ability to understand the implied and the expressed. Third, the ability to come up with ideas according to information and knowledge they have. And the fourth is the ability to produce goods/services from the knowledge mastered.

"Therefore, the most fundamental thing from higher education is how to redesign the curriculum which can then lead students to live in the global arena in the 20th century," he continued.

Director of National Library added that currently Indonesia is recognised as the Top Open Access in the world knowledge Open Access movement according to Nature Research Journal. The study stated that approximately 81% of 20,000 journal articles published in 2017 affiliated with Indonesia are available for free reading online. This is a space for students to take advantage of by using INLISlite application.

"Students must be able to change the mindset that campus is a way to look to the future. And success depends on the efforts made," he advised.




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