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20 Oct 2020

Enlivening Literacy, Kepahiang Regency Initiates Literacy Café Programme

Kepahiang, Bengkulu -- Library paradigm is no longer just displaying rows of books to be managed and serviced. However, it is about how library becomes useful. Therefore, literacy ecosystem needs to be nurtured. This ecosystem is what animates library.

Literacy ecosystem can be implemented by making library as centre of community activity that encourages productivity, creativity so that it has an impact on improving economy and community welfare.

"If this goes on continuously, then library development will become development priority," said Head of Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre of National Library, Adin Bondar, at Improvement of Community Literacy Index Roadshow in Kepahiang Regency, Bengkulu, Tuesday (20/10).

Adin Bondar added, library development is the most important part in regional development which should be of great concern to regional leaders. Do not let library miss development priorities in the regions, including in Kepahiang Regency.

Meanwhile, DPR RI Commission X member Dewi Coryati emphasised that the legislature will provide full support for the development of literacy ecosystem in Kepahiang Regency. Dewi also suggested that all stakeholders work together to revive literacy climate.

On the same occasion, Regent of Kepahiang Netty Herawati hopes that library building can become a centre for science, information, and a preserver of all historical information related to Kepahiang Regency so that it can be maximally utilised by the community.

Head of Library and Archives Office of Kepahiang Meri Sasdi initiated the idea of literacy café establishment programme so that the intention to make library as centre of community activities could quickly be materialised. Meri Sasdi admitted that this programme is part of literacy ecosystem that enlivens library.

On the sidelines of roadshow, literacy activist Ferdiansyah delivered story-telling to motivate the public to take advantage of all information through reading materials that can improve their quality. Improvement of Community Literacy Index Roadshow in Kepahiang Regency implemented by complying to the principle of health protocol was attended by 100 participants from a number of communities, such as literacy activists, TBM forums, and writers' groups.





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