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09 Oct 2020

Strong Literacy Culture Creates Superior HR

Salemba, Jakarta – Superior HR can be built through a strong literacy culture. Libraries have a role in strengthening literacy because they are centre of information sources and a socio-cultural centre to empower the community. The presence of libraries that serve community up to remote areas as a place for lifelong learning, can be used by the community in developing their potential.

Improving the quality of human resources is carried out by libraries by providing reading sources and facilitating the community with various trainings and skills. Apart from improving the quality of human resources, this also empowers socio-economy aspect of the community.

"With these efforts, it is hoped that individual performance will increase, system and organisation of library will be strong, so that it will have an impact on improving the quality of library services and also their utilisation by the community which automatically increases people's literacy," said Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, in a virtual webinar with the theme "Superior Human Resources through Literacy Culture" on Friday (9/10/2020).

Deni explained, a character with a culture of fondness for reading can be built together with all elements of the nation. Therefore, he invited all elements of society to take the step together for the creation of an intelligent, advanced, and prosperous nation.

Meanwhile, member of DPR RI Commission X Mustafa Kamal stated that literacy culture is the key to national civilisation. To build a nation, human resources capable of being the locomotive and are competitive in the global arena are needed. He explained that the acceleration of national development will find its momentum through superior human resources in various fields.

"We have to own human resources who become the locomotive like the late President Habibie. From one person, can build our aviation industry, our weapons, and so on. One person becomes the locomotive that encourages the progress of the nation. We are not enough to be average human resources; we need a locomotive. In fact, currently in our country, we lack highly competitive human resources,” he explained.

Parliament member from  Justice and Welfare Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera) said books are a means of encouraging individuals to get to know the world. Through books, individuals will expand their horizons of thought and get to know world culture. Libraries play a role in educating the nation's life. Mustafa explained that this role can be seen in South Korea, in which the progress of the Ginseng Country is due to the adequate library facilities. For a long time, in his opinion, South Korea has a quality library that plays a role in advancing the nation.

He shared his story after watching a Korean drama series set in 1989. Mustafa explained that that year he was studying in high school. Based on his observations, learning activities in South Korea are not much different from the conditions in Indonesia.

"What's the difference? The schools are better, have more facilities, and the children are more disciplined, but the curriculum is the same. Why are the results different from ours? They had a very good library in 1989. In the teen drama, it is often mentioned that they often study in the library, and it seems 24 hours because sometimes they come home late at night and they just go home safe. "The library is different from my time in '89, and the result is now, progress in South Korea is like that now," he explained.

Mustafa emphasised that currently, literacy culture in Indonesia is still low. This can be seen from the spread of fake news and bullying in the community. "So, literacy has become entrenched only if we can no longer be separated from our daily lives with literacy," he concluded.



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