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06 Oct 2020

Establishing Integrity Zone: National Library Signs Integrity Zone Charter

Salemba, Jakarta – Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando signed Declaration Charter for the Development of Integrity Zone in National Library, Tuesday morning (6/10). The signing was witnessed by Secretary of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) the Ministry Dwi Wahyu Atmaji and members of Indonesian Ombudsman Adrianus A. Meliala. At the same time, all senior high-level and pratama officials of National Library also signed Integrity Pact.

Ministry Secretary (Sesmen) PAN RB Dwi Wahyu Atmaji in his brief presentation said that road map for Bureaucratic Reform development 2020-2024 is to create a clean and accountable bureaucracy, capable bureaucracy, which has excellent service. One of the aspects to consider in the road map is strengthening supervision.

"This is the background for Integrity Zone establishment. Integrity Zone is part of national strategy for preventing corruption, as well as a form of commitment and change for the better," said Dwi Wahyu Atmaji.

Kemenpan RB noted that until 2020, there are 3,691 work units from 70 ministries/institutions, 20 provinces, and 161 regencies/municipalities have already had integrity zones. National Library specifically includes five work units, namely Library Information Services and Archipelago Manuscript Management Centre, Directorate of Deposit and Library Collection Development, UPT Bung Karno Library, UPT Bung Hatta Library, and Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre.

Dwi hopes that the appointed work unit will immediately take important steps such as improvements in service aspect, changes in mindset, and work culture patterns.

In line with Dwi, a member of Indonesian Ombudsman, Adrianus A Meliala who also witnessed the signing, said that although Ombudsman is not part of the government, his party will always encourage ministries/institutions, BUMN, and local governments (pemda) to create integrity zone, reaching the expected level, just like any other work units.

Director of National Library said that Bureaucratic Reform is one of the first steps to support government programmes in carrying out organisational system arrangement. The declaration of integrity zone is a follow-up of Presidential Instruction Number 52 of 2012 on Action to Prevent Corruption, and Permenpan RB Number 52 of 2014 which was enhanced by Permenpan RB Number 10 of 2019 on Corruption Free Areas, and Clean Serving Bureaucratic Areas (WBK/WBBM).

"We can ensure that all services at National Library are served free of charge, because everything is covered by State Budget," said Syarif Bando.



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