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16 Oct 2020

Literacy Generation in Millennial Era Webinar: Millennials Have Access to Up-to-Date Reading Material

Salemba, Jakarta - Indonesia has the opportunity to become one of five countries with the largest economic growth in the world. This is possible if we refer to the demographic bonus that Indonesia will experience in the 2020-2035 period. At that time, it is predicted that the number of productive people would exceed the number of nonproductive people. The success of demographic bonus depends on how many quality human resources are created.

Millennial generation will have a dominant role in the demographic bonus. They are considered an asset, a superior generation capable of bringing Indonesian nation towards a more advanced and dynamic development.

"The key is quality. They are (millennial generation-red) who are expected to have qualities that can compete with the outside world," said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando on the occasion of “Preparing Literacy Generation through Strengthening Reading Fondness of Millennial Era” Webinar, the result of cooperation between National Library of Indonesia with West Java Provincial Library and Archives Service, Friday (16/10).

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the only hot discourse that current millennial generation is discussing. The challenges of millennial generation are much bigger than previous generations. Well, the provision of readiness to face 4.0 revolution for millennial generation is literacy.

"Literate millennial generation is the generation that has accessibility to up-to-date reading sources," added Director of National Library.

The growth of reading culture is important considering that ability and skill to read are the basis for a person to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitude formation. Being a literate generation means preparing a critical and caring society. Critical towards all information received so that they do not react emotionally and care about the environment.

In this era of advances in information and communication technology, reading is no longer a routine life, but only a side job. Dislike in reading makes the world feel cramped due to lack of information obtained.

“Preparing Literacy Generation through Strengthening Reading Fondness of Millennial Era” Webinar also presented such speakers as, member of DPR RI Commission X Ledia Hanifa, Head of West Java Province Library and Archives Service Ahmad Hadadi, and West Java Provincial Reading Ambassador Salbia Salsabila Mulki.



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