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09 Oct 2020

Literacy Culture Webinar: Reach Literacy through Library Transformation

Salemba, Jakarta — In the era of new normal, libraries play a role in strengthening literacy in that they have impact on socio-economic recovery. Libraries have become public spaces to share experiences, learn contextually, and practice skills. The role of literacy in realising a prosperous society has been carried out by libraries through social inclusion-based library transformation.

Social Inclusion-based Library Transformation Programme aims to strengthen the role of public libraries in improving the quality of human resources so that literacy skills increase which leads to increased community creativity and narrowing gaps in access to information.

"Libraries must be able to transform so that they have significant role in enhancing people's abilities, so that they can change the quality of their life for the better towards prosperity," said Deputy of Resource Development of National Library Deni Kurniadi, starting Superior HR Indonesia Advanced through Literacy Culture Webinar, on Friday (9/10).

Social inclusion-based library transformation is a form of library as lifelong learning. In which library is not only centre for information sources but more than that, as a place to transform itself, as a socio-cultural centre by empowering and democratising society and local communities, in an effort to improve community welfare.

In practice, libraries, apart from providing reading sources to probe information and knowledge, are also obliged to facilitate the community with various training and skills activities, aiming to empower socio-economic community so that individual performance is expected to increase which will automatically increase community literacy.

"Manifestation of this transformation can be realised by the role of library as a centre of knowledge, a centre for community activities, a cultural centre, and a forum for facilitating the community to develop their potential," said Deni.



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