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14 Oct 2020

Socialisation of Online-Based Service of PPPA Ministry Digital Library-Library is the Bridge of Knowledge  


Salemba, Jakarta - The pandemic currently sweeping the world has an impact on all levels of society, including libraries. Libraries are forced to limit onsite visits or even close their services, which indirectly hampers access to reading materials. However, thanks to the sophistication of technology that has been implemented in various libraries, people can still access online library services.

To deal with access difficulty due to pandemic, Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Children Protection (KPP PA) has developed an iperempuandananak application that can be accessed via Android, iOS, and Windows-based smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The digital library application is socialised online on Wednesday (14/10).

Secretary of Minister (Sesmen) of PP PA Pribudiarta Nur Sitepu in his speech hoped that this application could be a source of knowledge on issues of women and children as well as other knowledge for PP PA offices in the regions and the general public. Pribudiarta took an example in developed countries in which there is an understanding that library is the centre of civilisation and the centre of knowledge. And this is a priority in establishing libraries in developed countries. In addition, it is expected that libraries will eventually become a necessity for all.

"Hopefully this meeting can be a source of enlightenment for us and our friends in the regions and understand that libraries are a necessity. ASNs are also expected to need libraries,” said Pribudiarta.

In line with the statement made by Sesmen PP PA, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, emphasised that libraries will never disappear and will continue to play an important role in human history until the end of time. "Library is a bridge of past, present, and future knowledge," concluded Syarif Bando.



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