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15 Oct 2020

Romo Muji: Artists Invited to Keep Creating Amidst Pandemic

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta- Art is a life reflected by artists through texts, paintings, and reliefs. Such was conveyed by culture observer Romo Muji Sutrisno in a cultural speech delivered at the opening of Fine Art Exhibition with the theme Creative Freedom to The Heal the Nation (Artists Respond to Pandemic), at National Library Service Facility Building, Thursday (15/10).

Romo Muji explained, art makes the heart happy and cheerful. Just like the art exhibition held at National Library, it is true to care for life. This is in line with the conditions experienced during Covid-19 pandemic.

"It has one heart, reviving this life making heart happy, precisely at the time of Covid-19, this is the role of art which has reached the area there," he explained.

In his opinion, humans are homo significant, who give meaning to life, that is where theorists argue if culture is a system of life reference values ​​expressed in a symbol system so that people are not critical and thus, they can become a reference in their life. "Every actor who is given the meaning is culture. We are here to try to give meaning, spread the virus that art is a way of life. You do this by supporting these various activities. This exhibition is like knitting just like knitting the archipelago," he continued.

Romo Muji reminded that there is no artist without a process. With this process, in fact Intercov19, which organises this art exhibition by collecting paintings and sculptures from artists in the country, is an optimistic effort to survive Covid-19 pandemic. "Art is to glorify our own lives. In a pandemic situation we must continue to proceed. Artists can continue to channel their aspirations through artistic activities even during Covid-19 pandemic," he concluded.



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