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20 Oct 2020

National Library of Indonesia Chooses the Best Library in Indonesia

Salemba, Jakarta - National Library of Indonesia held competition for Best Village/Kelurahan Library and Best Senior High School/Madrasa Library 2020. A total of three village/kelurahan libraries were selected for first place in clusters A, B, and C and one senior high school/madrasa library was selected to be the best. The first place for Cluster A was won by “Harapan Bangsa” library from Berau, East Kalimantan, Cluster B “Happy” library from Bombana, Southeast Sulawesi, for Cluster C was won by “Ulul Albab” library in Mentibar Village, Sambas, West Kalimantan. Meanwhile, the first place at national level for senior high school/madrasa library competition was won by Amarta library (SMAN 1 Bantul) from DI Yogyakarta.

Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, stated that this competition is aimed at driving libraries in Indonesia to show their existence and role. "And most importantly, appreciation from local government, both provincial and regency/municipal governments, for the schools and villages that took part in this competition," explained Syarif Bando during the announcement of Best Village/Kelurahan Library and Best Senior High School/Madrasa Library at National Level 2020 held online in Jakarta, on Tuesday (20/10/2020).

Syarif Bando explained that there are still many village leaders who are hesitant to use the allocation of village funds to build libraries. He emphasised that this should not be an obstacle because Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and collaboration between National Library and Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration stated that the activities that can be financed by allocating village funds are for the development of quality human resources.

The competition is expected to be a motivation for other regions that are not yet winners. "We are sure and believe that in the coming year, the presence of libraries and public attention to libraries will be better," he said.

Chairman of DPR RI Commission X Syaiful Huda appreciated the competition. In his opinion, this competition is part of the commitment encouraged by DPR RI Commission X to increase public participation in national literacy movement. This parliament member from National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa) Faction emphasised that the existence of libraries in villages/kelurahans in Indonesia is the spearhead of literacy movement in Indonesia. Therefore, DPR RI Commission X appreciates villages that have allocated their budget to build, develop, and take good care of libraries.

Huda added that in the future, literacy strengthening through school libraries is increasingly needed. "A year or two from now, changes to our national education system will also direct literacy and numeracy movements to become priority of our education system programme. Therefore, strengthening literacy movement through libraries in schools is an increasingly relevant need in the future, "he said.

National Competition of Best Village/Kelurahan Library and Best Senior High School/Madrasa Library 2020 will be attended by selected libraries from a selection conducted in provinces in Indonesia. In his report, Deputy of Resource Development of National Library Deni Kurniadi stated that the implementation of Best Public Library Competition (Village/Kelurahan) in 2020 is divided into three groups, namely Cluster A, Cluster B, and Cluster C, which are grouped based on the classification of provincial status based on provisions from Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration. Each cluster is taken as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, as well as first, second, and third runners. The same applies to determine the winner of best senior high school/madrasa library competition at national level. The first winner gets Rp.25 million of coaching fund, the second winner gets Rp.20 million, and the third winner gets Rp.18 million. Meanwhile, the runner-up winners I to III received Rp.18 million, 15 million and 12 million respectively.

Components of the competition assessment include six pillars of library development, namely human resources, collections, services/utilisation and cooperation, infrastructure, administration, library management including library innovation and creativity, as well as activities that are beneficial to the community.

The competition was carried out in accordance with the conditions of Covid-19 pandemic by paying attention to health protocols. Thus, field visitation and final assessment as well as result announcement of the competition are carried out online.



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