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15 Oct 2020

Fine Art Exhibition “Creative Freedom to Heal the Nation Held at National Library  


Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - National Library supports artists' steps to revive themselves due to the impact of Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. The real step is to support the implementation of Fine Art Exhibition of InterCov-19 Group with the theme Creative Freedom to Heal the Nation (Artists Respond to Pandemic).

Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of National Library Ofy Sofiana said that National Library fully supports this activity because it is seen as part of creative and innovative efforts to raise awareness that Covid-19 outbreak that befalls Indonesia and the world is a common affair. The interest to maintain personal health and the environment is a collective endeavour.

"This art exhibition is a momentum to create mutual cooperation in real action. Don't look at the boundaries between one another. There is no difference between government and nongovernment, we can all act wisely and do well by strengthening and supporting each other in joint efforts against Covid-19," she said.

In her opinion, library is an institution that concentrates in creating a highly literacy cultured society. Libraries improve functional literacy which includes the ability to read and use information in everyday life.

"Literacy has a positive contribution in helping to raise intellectual awareness and increase social skills which are very much needed in the current pandemic situation," she said.

Creative Freedom to Heal the Nation exhibition will take place from 15 - 20 October 2020. This exhibition features six sculptures and 100 paintings involving 55 artists from various regions, including Jakarta, Bali, East Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta.

“The works displayed tell stories about reflection on the daily lives of the artists. A spirit that continues to be ignited through honest expressions of artists’ feelings during Covid-19 pandemic. And the holding of the exhibition remains subject to health protocols," explained Fajar Sidiq, Exhibition Curator.

Meanwhile, in his cultural speech, Romo Muji Sutrisno said that art is life, which is reflected through texts, paintings, and reliefs. When a painter, Affandi, was asked by journalists why he painted so much yellow? He replied that the archipelago is the sun, unlike other countries that experience four seasons.

"Yellow color, golden color like yellow rice, which means life in the archipelago," he said. In his opinion, the exhibition held by Intercovid-19 is actually a process of returning art as a lifestyle. When pessimists try to be optimistic because the archipelago becomes Indonesia. Given that currently those who value art are still inferior to economic and political values.

"Art can make the heart happy and cheerful, making him turn on one more life, especially in this Covid-19 era. We are here trying to give meaning, to make art as a lifestyle," he continued.



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