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09 Oct 2020

Literacy Grows Innovation, Creativity, and Productivity

Salemba, Jakarta - Literacy has a positive contribution to help foster creativity, from creativity to creating innovation, while innovation can increase productivity. However, it is unfortunate that literacy level of Indonesian people is still low and must be continuously improved. This was conveyed by Literacy Ambassador of South Sumatra, Percha Leanpuri at Superior HR through Literacy Culture Webinar, Friday (9/10).

In her opinion, it is necessary to change paradigm that literacy is not just the ability to read, write and count, but the ability to understand, digest, and analyse text and concept to be translated.

"With good literacy skills, it will help people to increase their productivity and be able to produce innovation," she said.

It is said, if you look at literacy rate in Indonesia, it continues to increase every year, in 2015 it was 95.2% and in 2019 95.5%. This increase is not proportional to the willingness of the public to visit library or reading corner, which is only 12.6%.

"This is the role of Literacy Ambassador as a driving force for the awakening of literacy culture, indeed I implement it, not just launch it. Together with stakeholders, to drive the spirit of literacy, by holding various activities in collaboration with various communities," she explained.

Meanwhile, Acting Regent of Panukal Abab Lematang Ilir (Pali), Ferdian Andreas Lacony said that understanding literacy is far more important than grant and assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME). MSMEs without literacy are likened to someone who gets a car but is not taught how to drive a car. "MSME players must also understand literacy. With a good understanding of literacy, MSMEs can make innovations so that their productivity increases, which impacts on the growth of literacy communities," he said.

For example, in the current pandemic, MSME players must be able to understand digital literacy, marketing through social media. In addition, what products are needed during pandemic. This knowledge is provided by libraries, considering that currently library is a source of information.

"MSMEs must be observant in seeing the situation in order to survive. During this pandemic, for example, frozen food products are sought after by consumers. They can get the information from library about how to make frozen food, as well as marketing strategies through social media. So absolutely MSME also needs literacy," he continued.

Ferdian said that a superior nation must have literacy culture because in literacy there is innovation and creativity that even has an impact on productivity. "One of the steps to grow MSME is with literacy movement that is integrated with the empowerment of MSME," he concluded.



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