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20 Nov 2020

National Library of Indonesia carries out the Merit System Self-Assessment Verification

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The National Library is undergoing a verification of the merit system self-assessment in ASN management. The implementation of this system is assessed directly by the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN) online, to see how far the system has been implemented.

Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said the National Library is committed to realizing a merit system. This implementation become a priority so that it is confirmed that the National Library as one of the ministries/institutions that qualifies to be able to implement ASN career development based on a merit system.

"We report that all preparations have been made to implement the merit system. Hopefully entering the year 2022, the National Library can become one of the institutions that receive recommendations and certificates from the KASN to qualify as one of the central government institutions that can implement a merit system," he explained while giving direction on the Merit System Self-Assessment Verification, Friday (11/20).

Syarif Bando hopes that KASN can provide recommendations so that the National Library of Indonesia gets a good even very good category with the merit system assessment. "National Library is committed for realizing a merit system to create professional ASN," he continued.

ASN Commission Commissioner (KASN) Mustari Irawan conveyed that the merit system is a policy and management of ASN based on qualifications, competencies and performance fairly without distinguishing race, religion, origin and gender.

Based on KASN Regulation Number 9 of 2019 concerning Procedures for Self-Assessment of Merit System in ASN Management within Government Agencies, each agency is given the freedom to be able to carry out self-assessment through SIPINTER application (Information System for Self-Assessment of the Implementation of Merit System).

"This verification is part of the duties and obligations of KASN to ensure the implementation of the merit system is carried out properly by all government agencies," he explained.

KASN always strives to collaborate and partner to build a merit system in the National Library. "I believe the National Library can get a very good category. Because the temporary value of the National Library of Indonesia has reached 295 which is in the good category. In this verification, we combine the suitability of the data that has been entered with the supporting data," he concluded.

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