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18 Nov 2020

Request for ISBN Soaring during the Pandemic, National Library of Indonesia Launches a New Interface for the Online ISBN Service Application

Salemba, Jakarta - The development of the International Standard Book Number or better known as the ISBN in Indonesia began with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Scientific Meeting at the end of 1984. Until now, the National Library as the managing agency for the ISBN has issued 2,361,150 ISBN ranges which have been distributed to publishers throughout Indonesia.

The National Library strives to continually improve the ISBN service both from the procedural and facility perspectives. This is evidenced by the launch of a new online ISBN service application interface which was carried out by the Director of the National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando online on Wednesday (11/18). Apart from launching, this event also provided socialization on the use of the New Interface of the ISBN application which was attended by publisher representatives throughout Indonesia.

"Since April 2018 all ISBN service have been implemented online via the isbn.perpusnas.go.id website. And the new interface of this application is a development tailored to the service needs both from the publisher and the ISBN admin sides,” said Syarif Bando.

Syarif Bando also said that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the application for ISBN had soared to 112,263 titles with 121,393 ISBNs. There are even requests for ISBNs on 1,476 Covid-19 themed titles. This proves that the public's creativity in publishing printed books is still very high.

"Currently, the benefits of the development of digital books (e-books) are also starting to be felt. I hope that publishers in the future can keep up with book publishing in the digitalization era by taking a role in publishing books in digital form," he added.

Syarif Bando emphasized that all publishers have the right and opportunity to join in the development of digital book collections through the iPusnas application. The ISBN service also facilitate faster e-book ISBN registrations to support this effort.

In line with this, Deputy for Library Materials Development and Information Services Ofy Sofiana revealed that the change in the new interface for this ISBN service provides several conveniences for publishers.

"The convenience that is obtained lies in the registration side, the ease with which publishers can convey book data information, and the ease with which related to constraints in file submission," explained Ofy.

Ofy hopes that this kind of activity can become a forum for publishers to convey suggestions and inputs in improving the online ISBN service by the National Library.


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