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17 Nov 2020

The National Library of Indonesia Announces Six Best Book Titles

Jakarta - The National Library of Indonesia announced six best books from various themes in the Best Book (Pustaka) Award 2020. The six best books consist of six categories namely Handicraft, Coffee, Public Service, Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Architecture, and Entrepreneurship. Each category produced the best six so that a total of 36 book titles were awarded.

For the Handicraft category, the first best was a book entitled "Seni Batik Indonesia" by S.K. Sewan Susanto. The first best in the Coffee category was a book entitled "Berkebun Kopi" by Pudji Rahardjo, while the Public Service category went to the book "Manajemen Pelayanan Publik: Peduli, Inklusif, dan Kolaboratif" by Agus Dwiyanto. The first best in the PAUD category was "Strategi Pembelajaran PAUD" by E. Mulyasa, the Architecture category went to the book "Prijotomo Membenahi Arsitektur Nusantara" by Josef Prijotomo, and the first best in the Entrepreneurship category was the book "UMKM 4.0: Strategi UMKM Memasuki Era Digital 4.0" by Wulan Ayodya. .

One of the winners, Wulan Ayodya, appreciated the award given by the National Library. She made this book to educate micro, small, and medium enterprises to be able to compete and be able to use digital technology so that they can formulate strategies to overcome competition in the era of revolution 4.0. "Thank you once again to the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. Hopefully it will continue to be victorious in supporting entrepreneurship education in Indonesia," she said.

This annual event is held face-to-face and virtually at the National Library Service Facilities Building, jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta on Tuesday (11/17/2020). In his remarks, the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando appreciated the writers who were involved in this award. He stated that writers will always be known by name, across the ages. "So it is really happy for the ladies and gentlemen who have written because even a thousand years you have died, you will be remembered by the book you left behind," he explained.

Syarif Bando emphasized that books are a symbol of civilization. The life of the world community from nomadic to modern society changes along with the public's reading materials. The higher quality of public reading materials, leads the higher civilization of a nation.

"Therefore, we give a place to the author. I have never seen Abraham Lincoln. But I can be friend him through his books that I read. I have never seen Napoleon Bonaparte or know Mahatma Gandhi physically. But those world figures become my friend, influence life by reading the policies, wisdom, and decisions that are taken from their lives," he explained. Therefore, Syarif emphasized that the state through the National Library was present in the community to state the importance of the presence of books among the public.

Director of Deposit and Library Collections Development of the National Library, Emyati Tangke Lembang, said that the books selected in this award were works that had been submitted to the National Library in accordance with Law Number 13 of 2018 concerning Handover of Printed and Recorded Works. Book selection is carried out by considering several criteria, including having an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), being registered in the National Library, and being an original work. Selection is carried out by a team of professional juries consisting of academics, practitioners, library experts, and linguists in the six categories of fields of study. Specific criteria in the assessment include substance and written material as well as novelty content and ideas, arouse reading interest, writing systematics, written according to Indonesian that is good and correct, inspiring, and the physical condition of the publication.

The winners received millions of rupiah in prizes, the first best get Rp 20 million, the second best get Rp 17.5 million, and the third best get Rp 15 million.


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