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13 Nov 2020

MPR Supports Library Transformation Program

Pekalongan, Central Java — Besides being known as the city of Batik, Pekalongan is also one of the centers of economic growth in Central Java. However, the popularity of Pekalongan as a Batik city has not been felt worldwide. The National Library encourages local government and community to work together making this potential an attractive local content collection, especially for the tourism sector.

"We must not continue to become a field for international market where raw materials are taken from within the country. All this happens because of the inability to develop literacy as a power to create superior quality human resources," said the Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando as a speaker for the talk show on increasing the literacy index in Pekalongan City, Friday (11/13).

Literacy, as conveyed by the Director of National Library, according to UNESCO standards, there are four levels, starting from the ability to explore quality sources of reading materials, the ability to interpret the implied and explicit words, the ability to produce new ideas, innovation, and creativity, to the peak, namely the ability to produce goods/services that are beneficial to a large society.

"If the quality of human resources is formed, there will be an attitude of competitiveness and able to compete in global competition," added the Director of National Library.

One of the components of literacy formation is a paradigm shift in the library, which is no longer just to function as collecting and serving all printed and recorded reading materials, but playing a wider service role in social inclusion.

Service transformation based on social inclusion allows the process of knowledge transfer so that the literacy process remains sustainable.

Like it or not, we are slowly entering the industrial era 4.0, where technology accelerates. Almost all sectors are growing rapidly with innovation. "The world develops with imagination. Artificial intelligence technology dominates many sectors of life. Therefore, competence is absolutely necessary so that the quality of human resources can compete without doubt," said Syarif Bando.

Questioning about what has the National Library of Indonesia done, the library transformation program based on social inclusion received full support from the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), Arsul Sani, who was also a speaker for the talk show.

Sani said the library in general is a bridge of information. So, anyone can get wide benefits from the existence of library anywhere.

The Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for the library sub-sector which is disbursed to regions that do not have a library building is recognized as a positive step.  It encourages equal distribution of library infrastructure, so that regions have library service buildings that are not inferior to the library service facilities building on Jalan Merdeka Selatan.

"The infrastructure is good. It is not inferior to libraries in European countries.”

Meanwhile, in order to support the increase in the literacy index, Regional Secretary of Pekalongan City, Sri Suminigsih, asked all libraries in Pekalongan, totaling 230 libraries, to implement inclusion-based library services.

"However, the first thing to do is to straighten out intentions and equalize perceptions about the literacy index," said Sri.

In addition, the Regional Secretary Sri Ruminingsih in front of the Director of the National Library of Indonesia specifically proposed assistance for the construction of a new library service building through the DAK 2022. This is because the library service building which is currently occupied is often affected by high tide.     

The talk show to increase the community literacy index was also attended by other speakers, namely the Head of Archives and Library Service Office of Central Java Province Prijo Anggoro and literacy activist of Waroeng Ilmu Fatkhur Rochman.

On the sidelines of the talk show, the Drector of National Library handed over one unit of stimulus for the mobile library car to the Pekalongan City Government. After previously similar assistance was provided in 2007.


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