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12 Nov 2020

The Director of National Library Encourages Civil Servants at the National Library to Produce Scientific Writing

Salemba, Jakarta - The National Library (Perpusnas) through the Center of Education and Training of Perpusnas is holding online Popular Scientific Writing. This online training was held to improve the competence of all employees in the National Library.

"There is a saying If you don't read you don't write, which means if you don't read it is impossible to write. What to write? Write down thoughts or quote. This is the beginning to ensure that the quality and competence of National Library employees will improve," said the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, at the opening of Education and Training on Popular Scientific Papers Writing, Thursday (11/12).

Syarif said that in the future, people would no longer be able to be known by the popularity that they had built because of their image, but people would look for who would provide solutions to all the problems faced.

His party is committed to facilitate employees at the National Library to produce scientific papers. In fact, it is targeted that by 2021, 360 writings from librarians will be collected which will be published in the mass media every day.

"It's time for the National Library not only to preserve or to guard civilization, but to become the National Library to create new civilization," he continued.

Syarif emphasized that the reading culture in Indonesia is very high; this can be seen from the existing mobile libraries, such as the library horse, the library public transportation which is much sought after by the public. However, the limited reading materials is the problem.

"Writing is an inner satisfaction, if you want to know the world you can read, while if you want to be known by the world, you can write," he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of the Center for Education and Training, Yahyono said, the training for writing scientific papers was attended by around 500 employees in the National Library, where each participant would have to produce one article. "This article can be published in various media owned by the National Library, and will be accommodated by the Perpusnas Press," he explained.

The training which was held on November 12-14, 2020, presented two presenters from the Jakarta State University, namely Prof. Dr. Novi Anoegrajekti, M.Hum, Dr. Irsyad Ridho, M.Hum, as well as speakers from the National Library, Irhamni Ali, SS., M.P.


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