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11 Nov 2020

Risk Management Study Becomes Reference for Improvement

Salemba, Jakarta - Government Regulation Number 60 of 2008 concerning the Government Internal Control System mandates every government agency, both central and regional, to carry out a comprehensive and continuous internal control system in order to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively.

Risk assessment is one element of the government's internal control system that can help to map, measure, anticipate and handle risks that will hinder or even thwart the achievement of organizational goals.

Therefore, the National Library as a government agency feels the need to implement risk management in achieving organizational goals efficiently and effectively, which in turn will be able to increase efficiency, reputation and the trust of stakeholders.

In 2020 the National Library in collaboration with Proxis consultant conduct a risk management study of the National Library. The purpose of the study is to carry out risk identification, evaluation and risk measurement and risk management. The results of the study were presented in front of officials and all National Library employees through the Zoom meeting facility on Wednesday (11/11).

Responding to the exposure to the results of the risk management study, the Director of the National Library, Syarif Bando, expressed his gratitude for the hard work of the consultant who has succeeded in identifying the risks that exist in each work unit of the National Library. "This study is really a reference for me and my staff to fix the situation which is not yet good," said Syarif Bando.

The risk management study is carried out based on the international standard ISO 31000: 2018 which has three main components, namely principles, framework and process. Meanwhile, the research method used is divided into four phases, namely preparation, survey, analysis and reporting. The total risk from the results of interviews and document studies of 17 work units from echelon 2 was found 406 risks, with details: Directorate of Deposit and Library Collection Development 63 risks, Center for Bibliography and Library Materials Processing 56 risks, Center for Preservation and Media Transfer of Library Materials 20 risks, Center for Library Information Services and Archipelago Manuscript Management 20 risks, Directorate of Standardization and Accreditation 13 risks, Center for Public and Special Library Development 9 risks, Center for School/Madrasah and College Library Development 9 risks, Center for Library Analysis and Development of Reading Culture 11 risks, Inspectorate 39 risks, Bureau of Planning and Finance 18 risks, Bureau of Law, Organization, Cooperation and Public Relations 25 risks, Bureau of Human Resources and General Affairs 23 risks, Center for Librarian Development 18 risks, Center for Education and Training 16 risks, Center for Data and Information 18 risks, UPT Bung Karno Library 16 risk, and UPT Bung Hatta Library 32 risks.

The results of the study form the basis for the preparation of the risk management grand design at the National Library for 2020-2024 and formulate risk management guidelines.


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