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10 Nov 2020

National Library Launches Paul Permadi's Biography Book

Salemba, Jakarta - On Heroes' Day, the National Library through Perpusnas Press launched the biography book of Paul Permadi: Sang Penggagas Presidential Library. The book, which was launched virtually, is a summary of Paul Permadi's life journey, ideas and thoughts about library and librarian in Indonesia written by Agus Sutoyo, Joko Santoso and Edy Wiyono.

"Paul Permadi's biography book is a work presented by the National Library to pay the highest and best respect to Paul Permadi, who is the founder of the Bung Karno Library as the Presidential Library," said the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando during the Librarian Spirit of Altruism in the Era of Disruption Webinar with the theme "Writing as a Knowledge Waqf Movement for the benefit of the Community", Tuesday (11/10).

The launch of this book marks the beginning to make a big movement forward by involving all components of the nation, national figures, national thinkers, whether related to library, literacy, reading fondness and other aspects of knowledge. So it is hoped that complaints about the lack of reading materials will stop in real work.

"The Perpusnas Press will be ready to publish anyone's book, it can be an alternative solution for anyone who has good ideas but is not accommodated by big publisher. We hope that this publication is not limited to those related to library, librarian, and literacy index," he explained.

Syarif appreciated that many regional heads who have published books containing local content, about the potential of the region they have. The National Library continues to invite and partner with regional libraries, as well as Regional Heads to immediately get up and not complain about the shortage of reading materials in the regions.

Meanwhile, in a book review of Paul Permadi: Sang Penggagas Presidential Library, Lecturer at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Sebelas Maret University, Suyatno said, from this biography, it can be seen that the figure of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, was the source of his inspiration.

"Paul Permadi proposed the concept of the Bung Karno Library to become a presidential library which is a special type of library that is tasked with improving Indonesian culture and civilization through the thoughts and actions of big figure," explained the former Head of the Bung Karno Library.

The same thing was also expressed by a son of Paul Permadi, Alexander Ludi, who revealed that Paul Permadi was inspired to initiate the Presidential Library in Indonesia after he visited the USA. "His admiration for Bung Karno and his love for the unity of the nation and state resulted in Bung Karno's first Presidential Library which became the nation's unifying monument," he said. With the publication of this book, continued Alexander Ludi, “On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the Director of the National Library who gave space through the Perpusnas Press for the publication of this book, and also to the author, especially Agus Sutoyo who initiated the preparation of this book, Joko Santoso and Edy who continued to perfect this book until it was published.”

On the occasion, four other books were also launched, including Untaian Pemikiran Pustakawan, Aku dan Perpustakaan, Dari Perpusnas untuk Negeri, Perpustakaan sebagai Simbol Peradaban and Pusat Budaya Bangsa.


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