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09 Nov 2020

Webinar of Library Transformation and Literacy Culture for Community Welfare, Director of National Library: We Are Here to Assist the Community to Create Welfare

Salemba, Jakarta - The role of library in society today is no longer just a place to read books or a place to store collections of reading material. More than that, the library must be a place for transferring variety knowledge to the whole society. Through the Social Inclusion-Based Library Program, the National Library is here to assist the community in obtaining the knowledge they need to create welfare.

This was conveyed directly by the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando when opening the Webinar of Library Transformation and Literacy Culture for Community Welfare which was conducted online, Monday (11/9) in Jakarta.

According to Syarif Bando, the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation Program is not only an effort of the National Library to continue to improve its performance, but also to increase its service efforts to the community. The National Library will continue to open itself to listen the aspirations and what the Indonesian people need.

"Especially programs related to library development efforts, to increase reading fondness, to increase the achievement index as a description of President Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's government program regarding improving the quality of human resources," he explained.

"There are around 60 to 70 million Indonesians who are scattered in various areas, especially rural and underdeveloped areas who really need assistance from the role of library in this program," said Syarif Bando.

Currently, the beneficiaries of the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation Program come from various groups and have spread in various regions in Indonesia, such as housewives, former migrant workers, to ex-convicts. Those who initially do not have income, at this time can engage in the household industry and get the opportunity to improve their welfare with the help of books and assistance from the library.

However, Syarif said that these efforts were not running without obstacles. To increase the role of library in reaching the public for reading fondness and literacy culture to the maximum, it cannot be done alone. There needs to be a synergy with various National Library partners such as literacy activists, professionals and academics, as well as National Library partner in Commission X of DPR RI.

"We hope that by continuing to work together with Commission X of DPR RI, the National Library of Indonesia can continue to get support to provide access and facilities such as computers and the internet for all people in all regions. That way they have access to knowledge in order to be able to process the resources around them," added Syarif Bando.

In addition, to be able to help the National Library in applying its programs in rural areas in the midst of all existing limitations, literacy activists also have a very big role. Like Fahrul Alamsyah from Malang, literacy activist who apparently has concern for others and is ready to help us civilize literacy with his community.

"Professionals and academics also work together to help library in applying the knowledge that people choose," he added.

On this occasion, Syarif Bando also appreciated the East Java Provincial Government for developing various efforts to improve welfare through literacy culture in the region.


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