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05 Nov 2020

National Library of Indonesia Explores the Need for ICT Network Infrastructure with APJII

Salemba, Jakarta - Today, the world is faced with the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, all forms of daily activities from school to work are done online. In this case, internet access is a top priority in all places, including regions. Apart from internet access, reference materials in the library are also very much needed, especially by students who carry out learning activities from home. For this reason, a new breakthrough is needed so that a good internet network can be felt evenly across the region, in that case reference materials in the National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) can be accessed quickly by them.

In accordance with government policy through MenpanRB, the Information and Data Center of Perpusnas is under the control of the Director of National Library and must be regulated through one door. The human resources who work at the Data and Information Center are professionals who are diligent in their professions especially in their respective fields and are dedicated to continuously developing ICT in order to improve the nation's intelligence.

"It is important to be smart individually but much more important to be smart as a group. We must be able to work together to give the best to stakeholders," said the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, when he opened the Consultation and Discussion on ICT Network Infrastructure Needs with the Association of Indonesian Internet Network Organizers (APJII), Thursday (11/5) at Theater Room of the National Library of Indonesia, Salemba.

Furthermore, Syarif Bando said that the National Library is a non-ministerial government institution that is directly responsible to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The main task and function of the National Library is to become a source of reliable, current, and up-to-date information for all Indonesian people. The National Library should be the center for a network of all libraries from the central to the village.

On the same occasion, General Chairperson of APJII Jamalul Izza said that in line with the National Library of Indonesia program since 2019, namely Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation, APJII is also working to encourage digital transformation in the regions. The pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic encourages people to leave physical space and migrate to digital space massively, so accelerating digital transformation is an urgent need.

The initiatives carried out by APJII to encourage digital transformation in the regions include Desa Internet Mandiri, School Internet and Free Wi-Fi. After the internet network is installed, the next step is to fill it with positive content. "In the future, I hope that National Library content can be supplied to regions/villages," said Jamal.

Head of the IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange) Development Operations and Data Center Division, Benyamin P. Naibaho, added that the main objectives of the IIX were (1) to establish a national interconnection network as a place for easy and inexpensive data exchange between Internet Service Providers (PJI/ISP) in throughout Indonesia, (2) Reducing dependence on internet interconnection abroad, (3) Increasing the speed of data information traffic, especially those already available in Indonesia, and (4) Becoming a means of communication for information providers (contact providers) with a large broadband channel that is distributed to all Indonesian ISPs.

"In connection with the existing needs in the National Library, we must start thinking about how to put the content in the National Library so that it does not only depend on the ISP but can be enjoyed by the public at any time with a good and reliable security system," explained Benyamin.


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