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03 Nov 2020

26 National Library Technicians Participate in Training

Salemba, Jakarta - A total of 26 technicians in the National Library (Perpusnas) participated in the technician training held by Perpusnas’s Education and Training Center in collaboration with the Mutu Institute. This training was held for four days, from November 3 to 6, 2020.

In his direction, the Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that currently every institution is required to implement K3 (occupational safety and health) within the agency. By participating in this training, it is hoped that technical personnel will be able to apply K3 to every job.

"Through this training, technical personnel can have the ability to be ready for tasks properly, increase awareness of what will happen. So that, it is not only serves as a preventive measure against work accidents, but serves also to identify the causes of accidents," he said at the opening of the Technician Training of the National Library, Tuesday (11/3).

Meanwhile, Acting Head of the Education and Training Center, Yoyo Yahyono, said that this training is important for technicians to follow, because recently there has been a lot of coverage in the mass media regarding problems that occur in office buildings related to electricity, such as fires.

"This training is important to follow so that technicians can work in accordance with applicable regulations. And know what to do when unexpected things happen," he said.

Yahyono explained that the material to be given was related to building security and maintenance. Among them are management of fire protection equipment in buildings, potential and hazards of elevator and escalator systems, and electrical networks in buildings.


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