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02 Nov 2020

National Library Holds Socialization of State Property Management

Salemba, Jakarta - The National Library (Perpusnas) is committed to manage state property properly in accordance with applicable regulations. As what was done at the end of 2016, Perpusnas has taken steps to ensure data collection on all assets owned. This has later contributed so that Perpusnas for the last four years received an unqualified opinion (WTP) from the BPK.

This was conveyed by the Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando in the Socialization of State Property Management which was held virtually by the National Library's General and Human Resources Bureau, Monday (11/2). According to him, the socialization which presented speaker from the Directorate General of State Wealth of the Ministry of Finance was an effort to improve asset management in the National Library.

"We really carry out improvement steps in a concrete and real way, so that every public money managed in the National Library can be accounted for. In the future, all priority scales will lead to what the community needs most," he said.  

Syarif Bando explained that the management of state property is an effort to maintain and administer state wealth accountably in the context of Good Governance. In accordance with what President Joko Widodo always said to manage state assets properly. Especially because the assets of the National Library are vital assets not only in terms of the value of the building but the content in it.

"We are committed to convincing the public that all assets in the National Library are theirs, including existing books and electronic books. The National Library is one of the institutions that take part in efforts to educate the nation's children from Sabang to Merauke," he explained.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by the Head of the Sub Directorate of BMN I-Directorate General of State Wealth of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Tunggul Yunianto, that state-owned goods are purchased with public money, including all state-owned goods in the National Library so that they must be managed properly.

The management of state property assets is very important as the main support for public services or government duties and functions, as well as determining the opinion of the Central Government Financial Report (LKPP).

"The value is large, the asset is also very important in relation to determine the opinion of the government's financial statements and hopefully the National Library of Indonesia can maintain it," he said.


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