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17 Sep 2020

Hearing Meeting (RDP) of the Commission X of DPR RI with National Library: DPR Supports in Building Modern Libraries in Regions

Senayan, Jakarta - Commission X of DPR-RI appreciates the spirit of the National Library (Perpusnas) which continues to strive in providing library access in various regions. Even with budget constraints, Perpusnas continues to prepare supporting programs for the regions. However, Commission X requested that the development of libraries in the regions must really pay attention to various aspects, such as carrying out modern concepts that can attract public interest to utilize library. This was expressed by a number of DPR members when attending the Hearing Meeting (RDP) with Perpusnas in Senayan, on Thursday afternoon, (9/17).

Member of Commission X, Hetifah Sjaifudin on the occasion of RDP said that libraries in the regions should be built modern and equipped with adequate facilities. "Libraries in the regions, I hope it can be built with an attractive design, especially for young people. ICT facilities must be supportive and the collection of books also need attention," she said.

On the other hand, another member of Commission X, Putra Nababan, hopes that the development of various regional libraries is not limited to physical aspects, but also in the aspects of human resources (HR) of the library.

"Human resources at the nation's capital city are much more prepared than in other regions. So, it would be better if Perpusnas continues to coordinate with other partners, its human resources can be better prepared," explained Putra.

Responding to this, the Director of Perpusnas Muhammad Syarif Bando said that the format to build a modern library has been prepared by Perpusnas. He also agreed on strengthening the human resources. Although the management of human resources of the library in the regions is under the authority of regional leaders, Perpusnas fully supports to prepare the needs of human resources of the library needs.

"Although currently the need for librarians or library staffs is still far from ideal, we hope that in the future, the need for library human resources can continue to grow," said Syarif Bando.

Perpusnas, he added, also continues to focus on preparing three methods of increasing human resources that must be done. First, through the state budget. Second, collaborating with other professional organizations and institutions in the region such as the Indonesian Librarian Association (IPI of the Region) and library forums at various levels of education. And third, providing a variety of education and training (diklat) in collaboration with the Library Service Office in the province, regency/municipal.


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