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16 Sep 2020

Explore National History with Khastara

Jakarta - One of the roles of library is as a bridge to knowledge in the past. Library is also tasked with protecting and maintaining rare manuscripts or collections from damage so that they are preserved and can be used for long term. In addition, the library also functions as a reflection of the history and civilization of the Indonesian nation so that lessons from the past can be taken. Not to forget, library also contributes in improving services, providing access and retrieval of rare library materials to users.

Since 2019, the National Library (Perpusnas) has a portal containing the converted format of archipelago library collection named Khastara. "Portal Khastara, which is an acronym for Khasanah Pustaka Nusanta, can be used to make it easier to search and see in detail all collections owned by Perpusnas," explained Novi Murdiyanti, Librarian, as a speaker for the Webinar "25 years of Library Visit Day and Month of Reading Fondness", Wednesday (9/16).

The various collections contained in it include ancient manuscripts with a total of 1,890 titles, 1,890 rare books, 1,552 maps, 5,714 graphic collections (photos, pictures and paintings) and 137 rare magazines and newspapers.

Through the Khastara portal, namely http://khastara.perpusnas.go.id/, the public can directly access the historical collections of the archipelago which have been converted into digital format. Thus, the original fragile condition is maintained.


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