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16 Sep 2020

e-Resources Service of the National Library of Indonesia Provides Reference Solutions

Jakarta – From 3,320 universities in Indonesia, only 73.13% or a number of 2,428 universities have libraries. The remaining 892 universities do not have libraries. From the total library, only 2,428,000 copies are available to meet the needs of 6,787,805 students. This indicates that every single copy of the collection is "fought over" by three students.

It is known that the use of up-to-date references and originating from primary sources that can strengthen the "state of the art" research development is one of the requirements in international publication. However, not many institutions, including higher education institutions, have either subscribed or purchased e-resources due to their high price. Limited access to quality e-resources databases is the reason for the low number of international publications in Indonesia.

Looking back at the library development policy of 2020 in increasing the availability of knowledge resources and intellectual works both, written, printed and recorded for the benefit of education, scientific development and national development. The National Library (Perpusnas) answers this challenge by developing the concept of e-library, namely a library based on information and communication technology as a solution for providing access to knowledge resources.

"e-Resources and iPusnas are several types of innovative services provided by Perpusnas," said Yawani Nasution, Librarian of Perpusnas, when she was a speaker at the Webinar "25 years of Library Visit Day and Month of Reading Fondness", Wednesday (9/16).

"The e-Resources collection of Perpusnas contains 26 publisher databases, including e-journals, e-books, e-videos and online encyclopedias and can be accessed openly for users in Indonesia," said Yawani. Furthermore, Yawani explained that the e-Resources service can be accessed if the user has registered to become a member of Perpusnas through the http://ke Membership.perpusnas.go.id page.

After registering, user can go to http://e-resources.perpusnas.go.id/ then enter their member number and password, after that press "Enter". In the search box, type a search keyword and press "Search" to start the search. In order to make the search more accurate, users can select Advanced Search to enter more known information other than search keyword.


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