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16 Sep 2020

Upgrade and Update Skills with iPusnas

Jakarta - In the midst of a digital era that continues to grow rapidly, it is necessary to have new innovations in the library sector so that people's knowledge is always nutritious. For this purpose, the National Library (Perpusnas) provides a digital library application called iPusnas. iPusnas is a social media-based digital library application that can be accessed through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.

This digital library application as of September 15, 2020 has 652,547 copies of digital books and 54,571 book titles. The number of users who download iPusnas and the number of borrowed books at iPusnas also continues to increase every year. This proves that library must be able to keep up with the times in order to always have a place in people’s hearts. "Through iPusnas, people can read books anywhere and anytime for free," said Hety Setiawati, Librarian of National Library, when she was a speaker in the Webinar "25 years of Library Visit Day and Month of Reading Fondness", Wednesday (9/16).

In addition to read books, iPusnas users can also share reading collections and socialize simultaneously. How to use iPusnas is also easy because this application can be downloaded directly on the Appstore, Google Play and Windows or through the website www.perpusnas.go.id which will then be transferred to https://ipusnas.id/. After that, users can register using email or a Facebook account.

For borrowing digital books, users can select books in the "Collection" menu then press the "Borrow" button. If the book stock runs out, user will automatically enter the queue list. However, if the stock of book is available, users can immediately download and read them online or offline.

"The large selection of cool books on iPusnas can be used to upgrade and update the skills we have," Hety concluded.


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