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16 Sep 2020

Digital Literacy Accompanying Community in Pandemic Times

Jakarta - Literacy is basically the ability and skills of individuals to read, write, speak, count and solve problems at a certain skill level needed in life. It is also known that there are six basic types of literacy including language literacy, numeracy literacy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, financial literacy, and cultural and civic literacy.

In accordance with the mandate of Law No. 43 of 2007 concerning Library, Chapter IV Library Collection, Article 12 paragraph (1) Library collections are selected, processed, stored, served, and developed in accordance with the interests of users by paying attention to developments in information and communication technology; and Chapter V Library Service, Article 14 paragraph (3) Each library develops library services in accordance with advances in information and communication technology.

It can be said, library must be able to go hand in hand with the era of technology which continues to develop rapidly. "This is about how library, in this case the National Library (Perpusnas), provide services so that users can get the information they are looking for," said Subeti Makdriani, Senior Librarian, when she was a speaker for the Webinar "25 years of Library Visit Day and Month of Reading Fondness", Wednesday (9/16).

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that is happening around the world today, library materials cannot be accessed directly by visiting the library building. Meanwhile, in the midst of various existing limitations, library is still required to provide excellent services as normal condition. For that, one of the things that can be done is to continue to develop digital literacy innovations.

Digital literacy itself is the knowledge and skills to use digital media, communication tools, or networks to find, evaluate, use, create information and make use of it. "Digital literacy is needed especially during a pandemic like this, because by utilizing all types of communication devices, users can still read and get the information that is being sought," explained Subeti.

Furthermore, Subeti said that in the development of digital literacy there are three things that need to be considered, namely (1) digital competence which includes skills, concepts, approaches, and behavior, (2) digital use which refers to the application of digital competencies related to certain contexts, (3) digital transformation which requires creativity and innovation in the digital world. The results of the digital literacy development efforts that have been carried out by the National Library include iPusnas, e-Resources and Khasanah Pustaka Nusantara (Khastara).

Closing the webinar session, Subeti invited all participants to register to become members of National Library online via http://kegawai.perpusnas.go.id.


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