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15 Sep 2020

National Library Service Innovations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jakarta - The National Library (Perpusnas) is committed to carrying out the mandate of the Constitution of 1945, which is to educate the nation's life. Moreover, the government has set Indonesia's vision for 2045, Indonesia to become a modern economic country with quality welfare.

In the Government Work Plan (RKP) of 2021, library is one of the supporters of quality and competitive human development, where library is the center of knowledge, community empowerment and cultural center.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, library must remain present as normal before the pandemic by providing online services. Therefore, Perpusnas continues to operate according to the current situation. During the transitional PSBB period, Perpusnas opened its services by implementing health protocols and visitor restriction to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. "The most important thing is the health and safety of librarians," said Luthfiati Makarim, Librarian of Perpusnas in her presentation in the Webinar "25 years of Library Visit Day and Month of Reading Fondness", Tuesday (9/15).

Another thing that is absolutely necessary for Perpusnas to serve users is to optimize the use of existing digital collections and online services, such as iPusnas, e-resources, IOS, and Khastara, in addition, strengthening the readiness of the network system, facilities and infrastructure, and human resources to support the availability of online services. Perpusnas is also innovating by providing bookdrop facility to return books and free Zoom meetings for visitors who want to organize online seminars. The librarians of Perpusnas are no less active during the pandemic by making various infographics and promotional videos of library and providing reference service through the "Ask Librarian" feature.

"This pandemic era provides both challenges and opportunities for library services," emphasized Luthfiati. She explained that with the limited mobility of users, the needs of online library services are increasing and this is where the role of librarians is very important in creating innovation and developing creativity to provide excellent service to users.


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