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15 Sep 2020

Superior HR in Global Settings

Makassar, Sulsel - It is time for regional libraries to compete to be the center of attention of their people, but not as an ivory tower. Highlighting the distinctive/uniqueness side is useful so that people are interested in coming to the library.

The presence of library is very important in creating superior and quality human resources because natural resources, although abundant, can be forever prosperous if the people are lazy, give up easily, and are not qualified (have competitiveness).

"The world changes because human resources are not natural resources. There are several countries, even though they are not rich in natural resources, but with the quality of their human capital, they can actually have high income because of their knowledge skills. It can be said that the poverty rate in Indonesia is still high because they have been lulled by the wealth of natural resources for too long, so at present they are lazy to think forward to manage it," said the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando during the Synchronization of DAK Library Programs and Activities in South Sulawesi, on Tuesday, (9/15).

On many occasions, the President emphasized the importance of improving the quality of human resources for sustainable development. Then, how to do it? Invite everyone to develop reading fondness so that they have quality in science.

Currently, humans are already in the global arena. An influential aspect is the quality of skills. Head to head skills are a necessity, so the demographic potential that Indonesia has must be maximized.

"In a century of Indonesia, the productive age will be abundant. Therefore, Indonesian youth are required to think creatively, be full of innovation, and full of brilliant ideas that are able to process the wealth of natural resources into valuable products. This is the essence of understanding upper level of literacy, namely the ability to create goods/services for a wide audience," added the Director of National Library.

In order to be in line with what is expected, the library must play an active role and be involved in the community, for example by providing a number of mentoring or various tutorials that can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.


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