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15 Sep 2020

Ivo Azhari is Appointed as Literacy Mother

Salemba, Jakarta - The Director of the National Library appointed Yulistra Ivo Azhari as Literacy Mother in Central Kalimantan Province for the period 2020-2021. The inauguration was carried out virtually by the Deputy of Library Resources Development of the National Library, Deni Kurniadi, representing the absence of the Director of National Library on Tuesday (9/15). Literacy Mother was appointed based on the Decree of the Governor of Central Kalimantan Number 188.44/460/2020. A heavy task is carried out by Mother Literacy to be able to develop reading fondness of Central Kalimantan Province people and to build awareness of library.

In his speech, Deputy II of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, said that the majority of Indonesians have not yet engaged in reading activity as a necessity of life. This means that apart from massive promotion, program breakthroughs that are structured, on target, and sustainable are also needed so that people have a reading culture.

"It is hoped that the existence of Literacy Mother can inspire, encourage the development of reading fondness, and have a positive impact on improving the quality of human resources, especially in Central Kalimantan," he said.

The National Library, added Deni, knows that currently the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government is intensively carrying out reading and literacy activities, one of which is through the launching of the Central Kalimantan Reading Movement.

In line with what has been proclaimed, the Regional Secretary of South Kalimantan Province Fahrizal Fitri said that the reading movement is hopefully not only a ceremonial event, but can be applied in people's lives.

"We invite all parties, all elements of the local government, the private sector, literacy mothers and also reading ambassadors to jointly build superior human resources in Central Kalimantan. The family as the smallest unit of society have to provide special time to read together at least one hour a day," he explained.

On the same occasion, there were also an inauguration for Glory Kriswantara as Regional Reading Ambassador and Novi Silvia as Reading Ambassador for Children/Youth in Central Kalimantan Province 2020.


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