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02 Oct 2020

IPI Webinar: Librarian the Driving Force of Reading Culture Development

Salemba, Jakarta - The development of reading culture and literacy cannot be separated from the role of librarians. Librarians are the main activators who do not only serve book collections, but also accompany and guide the community to instill reading culture and literacy skills. The development of culture of fondness for reading and literacy is one of national priority projects in National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024.

Realising that efforts in this direction are not easy, National Library (Perpusnas) and Association of Indonesian Librarians (IPI) are collaborating to map problems and take innovative steps as solution to improve reading and literacy culture.

"The role of IPI in Indonesia is very important, because human resources in libraries need to be developed and protected, so that librarians in Indonesia can focus on managing libraries as an effort to improve reading culture and community literacy," said Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library of Indonesia, Deni Kurniadi at Role of IPI Organisation in Improving Reading Culture and Community Literacy Webinar on Friday, (2/10).

The strategy to improve literacy skills is to foster interest in reading and writing. Making people familiar with library environment is the first step in fostering a passion for reading and provision for literacy development. National Library of Indonesia acknowledges that IPI has helped a lot in improving the abilities of librarians. Making librarian as a valued profession and a profession that can be utilised by the community to the fullest.

"Librarian is the main driver of reading culture development because it is one of the pillars in building a person's cognitive skills so that creativity, innovation, and productivity of the community increase," added Deni.

Cognitive skills consistency help people not to become lame in their efforts to meet the basic needs of life. Poverty is caused by a number of things, including a lack of connectivity to access to knowledge and information, the unavailability of quality sources and materials of knowledge and information (content), to the inability of a person to obtain useful knowledge and information.

"Literacy is an essential factor in the effort to build a solid foundation for the creation of a knowledgeable and characterised society. Literacy has a positive contribution," explained Head of Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre of National Library of Indonesia, Adin Bondar.

Senior librarian of National Library of Indonesia, Dedi Junaedi, said that being competent in literacy is meant so that someone is not trapped in the information shell (filter bubble). Especially when it comes to social media, where people tend to get unbalanced information. This is because each social media application has a certain algorithm that is able to adjust the preferences of its users.

"This is that causes the division of unity, it is due to polarisation," explained Dedi Junaedi.

Literacy skills are mandatory for librarians. In the midst of the era of fast information and communication technology, the ability of librarians to repackage knowledge is imperative. Knowledge will be most useful if it is learned and disseminated.

However, Dedi reminded librarians must have the principle of being lifelong learners because science will continue to develop.

"Stay humble (low profile), committed to inviting people to a better direction by maximising all their potential," said Dedi.

IPI, a government partner (Perpusnas-red), specifically supports the role of libraries in improving the quality of social inclusion-based library services and reading fondness culture and improving library managers quality.

"Librarian competency improvement programme continues to be carried out by IPI in order to support the mission of increasing literacy and reading culture," concluded Chairman of PP IPI, T. Syamsul Bahri.



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