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02 Oct 2020

Fire Hazard Prevention Socialisation-Participate by Being Always Careful

Salemba, Jakarta - Malang tak dapat ditolak mujur tak dapat diraih (mishap is inevitable, luck is unreachable). Therefore, we must always be careful and understand how to anticipate a disaster, one of which is fire. Fire hazards can occur anywhere and anytime, including offices. In order to anticipate fire in office environments, especially National Library building, which is a cultural heritage and symbol of national civilisation and holds invaluable state assets, Human Resources and General Bureau held an online Fire Hazard Prevention Socialisation on Friday (2/10). The socialisation which presented speakers from DKI Jakarta Provincial Fire and Rescue Agency was continued with fire-fighting practices at office parking area.

Head of Publication and Community Empowerment Section of Fire and Rescue Service, Saepuloh explained how to prevent fire and how to deal with it if it occured to reduce material and moral losses. Therefore, fire management must begin with planning. "We have to have a plan what to do to deal with fire when it occurs," he said.

"At a minimum, all employees have knowledge about preventing and overcoming fire. The role of employees is to ensure that the initial fire handling can be carried out appropriately,” advised Saepuloh.

Head of HR and General Bureau, Ahmad Masykuri, hopes that by holding this activity all employees will understand how to prevent and anticipate the conditions of their respective work environment and understand fire hazard response management procedures.

Things that need attention include fire extinguishing system and equipment, carefulness, and sufficient information/knowledge.

"I ask for the awareness of all of us to always be careful. Our most important participation is only to be careful to safeguard because everything starts from negligence," said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando.

This activity is the beginning of building awareness, reminding us not to be careless so that it can cause things we do not expect. Syarif reminded that fire extinguishers that are not functioning properly should be updated immediately.



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