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01 Oct 2020

Kesaktian Pancasila Day, Self-Reflection Momentum in Understanding Pancasila


Salemba, Jakarta - Indonesian President Joko Widodo was the inspector of Kesaktian Pancasila Commemoration ceremony which took place at Pancasila Sakti Monument, Thursday (1/10). The ceremony was attended by Ministers of Indonesia Maju Cabinet, Heads of State Institutions and Senior High Officials or equivalent.

Director of National Library had the opportunity to attend the ceremony accompanied by High and Madya Officials at National Library Hall virtually. Although the ceremony was carried out online and modestly, it was still conducted solemnly by adhering to health protocols.

Meanwhile, in a separate speech, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Nadiem Makarim said that in commemoration of Kesaktian Pancasila, you can reflect yourself in understanding Pancasila as the nation's philosophy and ideology.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the disasters that hit because of this pandemic simultaneously causes health crisis, economic crisis, and learning crisis. However, in difficult times like this, the principles of Pancasila seem to be ingrained in society.

Just as candle, Pancasila is seen burning at the sacrifice of medical personnel who risked their lives to save Covid-19 patients.

"This pandemic is challenging the country and testing our resilience as the people of Indonesia. Pancasila as the heritage of Indonesian state must ignite in each of our hearts in every small and big deed we can do for others," he said.





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