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28 Aug 2020

Indonesian Reading Ambassador Webinar: Put Aside the Word Impossible for Big Dream

Salemba, Jakarta — The pandemic changed many human habits. However, humans are the most capable of adapting to situations, even in extreme conditions. On the one hand, technology also changes many aspects of life so it is important to have skills to adapt to the world that changes very fast.

Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab said that young generation has a big share of changes in the individual, the nation, and also the world. Future competence is very much determined by three factors, namely freedom to work, freedom to collaborate, and freedom to learn.

First, freedom to work which contains principles, innovative, and action-oriented aspects. "Having principles means having integrity, not getting carried away," explained Najwa during a Webinar with Indonesian Reading Ambassador held by National Library, on Friday afternoon (28/8).

Meanwhile, independent collaboration contains collaborative, communicative, and intelligent attitudes. Intelligence does not mean having intelligence above average or smart, but has the power to relate to experience. "Intelligence is the accumulation of thinking and reasoning. This is what is meant by literacy skills, " added Nana.

And the last, independent learning is committed, independent, and reflective attitudes. Young people must have excess skills. It is not enough to master one area or expertise. Able to change professions under any conditions. “In fact, the millennial generation called generation Z is estimated to be able to master 14 skills throughout their life. They can generate new job potentials that may not have been predicted during college," said Najwa.

Therefore, Najwa suggested that when millennial generation writes job applications, they should not include what is in front of their eyes but write the abilities that can be generated in the next 20 to 30 years. "For those who have big dreams, it is better to put aside impossible words," she continued.

When starting big dreams. Train yourself with big questions. Then think big. Never assume to achieve short term goals. After that, take big and meaningful actions for the surroundings.

"Technology changes many things but it all comes back to the individual concerned because what we are in the future is what we are fighting for today," concluded Nana.




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