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28 Aug 2020

Indonesian Reading Ambassador Webinar: Superior Human Resources, Mastering Science and Technology

Salemba, Jakarta - Indonesia in the next century will find a demographic bonus. Younger generation (millennial, red) is estimated to dominate the face of this country. Productive age allows them to have various competencies. This potential is captured by National Library to develop quality human resources.

President Jokowi on various occasions has often said that the focus of development in his reign is to create competitive and superior human resources. “The millennial generation at the momentum of a century of independence will be a golden generation. Of course, there will be potential head-to-head among them in the aspect of skills," explained Head of National Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development Centre of National Library of Indonesia, Adin Bondar, at a Webinar with Indonesian Reading Ambassador entitled “The Need for Millennial Skills in the Industrial Era 4.0”, on Friday afternoon (28/8).

That way, the aspect of technology mastery is absolutely a must. If the aspect of human resources is already superior, it is not impossible that science and technology will be mastered. In fact, economic growth rate is also supported by growth in community literacy index. This is where the role of library, which is to create knowledgeable people so that later it will produce cognitive skills that will be able to find solutions to various life problems.

"Cognitive skills are obtained from reading habit. The role of library is as the party that continues to encourage people to love reading with the aim of making their lives more prosperous through social inclusion-based library transformation programme, added Adin.

It is undeniable that combination of knowledge and information is the key to the success of a nation. So, what is needed now is a sort of social movement on how this reading fondness can massively be carried out, concluded Adin.




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