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28 Aug 2020

DBI Webinar: Talent is Important Key in the Industrial 4.0 Era

Salemba, Jakarta - The industrial revolution 4.0 era marked by the use of digital technology encourages automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology. The era of the fourth industrial revolution refers to how technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic technology, and the internet affect human life. So, human resources required by industry today are those who have competence in the use of technology, such as Internet of Things (IoT).

The industrial revolution 4.0 opens opportunities for human resources (HR) to have expertise in accordance with the latest technological developments. So, improving skills (up-skilling) or updating skills (re-skilling) of human resources based on the needs of industrial world today is human resources who have talent, because talent is a key or important factor for the successful implementation of industry 4.0.

"Furthermore, one's field of expertise must also develop to survive in an era where information continues to develop rapidly and quickly," said Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library of Indonesia, Deni Kurnaedi, on the opportunity to open a webinar featuring Indonesian Reading Ambassador with the theme “The Need for Millennial Skills in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0”, on Friday afternoon, (28/8).

Meanwhile, other demands from the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are opening of job opportunities and competing with other countries in many ways. Inevitably, Indonesians have to improve their skills in order to be competitive.



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