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26 Aug 2020

GPMB Seminar: Writing can be A Business Opportunity

Salemba, Jakarta — Writing can be carried out anywhere and easy for anyone to do. However, you need a strong underlying reason to become a writer. This is important so that the writing process runs well. Popular novel writer Ahmad Fuadi said that there are three advantages to writing activities, namely simple resources, extraordinary effects, and able to penetrate time and space.

"What must be considered in writing is how to create or write products that have good essence as well as flexible, so that the content in the writing is able to influence the public who reads it," said the writer of famous novel Negeri 5 Menara at Fostering Reading Fondness Webinar a collaboration of National Library (Perpusnas) and Movement for Reading Interest Instilment (GPMB), on Wednesday (26/8).

Ahmad Fuadi added that writing activity can be a business opportunity if it is practised earnestly and does not rule out going international. Writing is part of intellectual property, something that is worth more than books.

"To become accustomed to writing, it must be started with reading activeness. Two habits that stick together," explained Fuadi.

In line with Ahmad Fuadi, another writer, Nathania Luvena Lais, said that writing must be carried out from the heart. For beginners, writing is indeed difficult. However, it can be tricked by reading the book you like best first, so that from there your mindset will develop, your vocabulary will be stored which makes it easier to start writing.

Meanwhile, communication practitioner Dani M. Akhyar said that in the current pandemic era, digital transformation is running fast. A society that is able to survive is a society that is able to readily adapt and transform with the times. Digital sophistication as a tool must be mastered, especially by parents and educators.

However, not all the information obtained must be absorbed completely without filtering (cross-checking) the truth or validity. Therefore, anyone must have a critical attitude. One way to criticise information received is through writing.

"However, there are still many people who consider writing is yet to be a promising profession," added Dani.

Well, a pandemic has indeed changed the public's perspective towards the way of imparting knowledge and disseminating information. Nowadays, digital space is a natural thing in obtaining everything, including fulfiling the need for information.

"I am sure that library is very well prepared to face changes during this pandemic. All digital library facilities and librarian capabilities and all information are ready to be disseminated," said Deni Kurniadi, Deputy of Library Resource Development at National Library of Indonesia.

Deni emphasised that library has a role in creating intelligent human beings expected to have reading habit as part of lifelong learning effort and continue to create a learning society through strengthening strategies to strengthen information literacy to improve welfare.




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