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11 Sep 2020

Literacy, Essential for Constructing Human Resources

Salemba, Jakarta - Inclusion literacy is important for the nation. Therefore, the role of library and literacy is essential in constructing human resources for the sake of improving people's welfare.

"The nation's potential in 2045 will become very extraordinary due to the demographic bonus. Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics states that Indonesia has a very productive society which is 15-64 years old age range. In line with President Joko Widodo's statement, which laid down the main pillars of national development that prioritize human resource development," explained Adin Bondan at the Information Literacy Webinar held by the National Library in collaboration with the Indonesian Higher Education Library Forum (FPPTI), on Friday morning, (9/11).

The main target of human development is mastery of science and technology. Therefore, literacy is very important to be grown in a knowledgeable society. Creating a society that is not only smart but also intelligent and ethical.

"Library play a very important role in building a knowledgeable society. It evokes people's habitual so that reading becomes a lifestyle. Reading is no longer an option but an obligation to improve welfare," concluded Adin.


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