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08 Sep 2020

The Need of Competent Technical Personnel to not be Stumble Over the Law

Salemba, Jakarta - In order to improve the quality of the implementation of goods/services procurement in the National Library (Perpusnas), the Inspectorate of Perpusnas held a Socialization of Government Regulation (PP) Number 83 of 2020 concerning the Provision of Competent Technical Personnel in the Service Trade Sector on Tuesday (9/8). This activity, which was held online, was attended by State Budget (APBN) management officials, procurement service unit officials, and auditors.

In his briefing, the Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said, a must have regarding the provision of goods/services is the availability of competent personnel in the technical field to understand the expected quality, so that no elements can lead to law.

"Providers and service recipients are interrelated business relationships and cannot be avoided because sometimes there are elements of service providers to make a profit. If providers or service users do not have competent personnel in this field, then there would be many activities with quality that are not as expected. In fact, not a few have intersected the law," he said.

Furthermore, Syarif Bando explained that the socialization of PP Number 38 of 2019 is absolutely necessary to be explored, understood and known by all State Civil Servants (ASN) because ASN has the power (ability/strength) that is mandated to manage state finances sourced from the APBN.

"We hope that in the procurement of goods/services there will be no losses caused by the competence of technical personnel, such as inaccurate administrative staff. So, there is a need of understanding regarding PP No. 38 of 2019. Not only PPK, financial managers, but all activities that are exist in the National Library understand what kind of competencies needed," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Professional Certification National Agency, Tetty DS Ariyanto, explained that competency certification is a legal product that becomes legitimacy or proof of recognition of someone's ability achievement to perform certain jobs determined by the competent authority in accordance with competency standards.

"The National Library is expected to be able to compile an occupational map in the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI). This can make young people interested to work in this field. The hope is that library can become a trend, especially with digitization, library can become a contemporary place for millennial generation." he explained.

Tetty explained that occupational mapping is important because it is the first step towards standardizing competencies. Starting from occupational identification, describing then occupation at the KKNI level.


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