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10 Sep 2020

Kepri Wins Best in National Elementary/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition 2020

Salemba, Jakarta - The National Elementary/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition has found a winner. Latisya Arwa Jossi from Riau Islands (Kepri) Province was selected as the First Winner. For the first time, 34 provinces participated in the Story Competition at national level.

The Head of the Center for Library Analysis and Reading Culture Development of the National Library of Indonesia, Adin Bondan, said that the participation of participants from 34 provinces shows how this story competition frames pluralism within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia. "This also proves that children have good literacy," he said.

On the same occasion, the Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, advised that the task of preparing the Indonesian millennial generation to have a strong literacy culture foothold is not an easy task. "Literacy is an important part so that Indonesia can compete globally," said Syarif Bando.

Knowing the importance of literacy for the next generation, the development of reading culture cannot be done partially. It takes serious commitment from all parties through the National Movement for the Culture of Reading Fondness.

Reading habits need to be encouraged, facilitated, motivated, given an example, and trained from an early age. Create a conducive and comfortable environment. In addition, the availability and ease of obtaining reading material that is interesting, quality and according to the needs of the reader also needs to be considered as a determining factor of success.

"Let's build the nation's future with literacy. Indonesian children are smart. Great kids. They must be prepared so that they can compete in the era of globalization," added the Director of National Library.

Their seriousness to perform even in the midst of condition that is not ideal due to the pandemic was also given thumbs up from the judges. Kunduri, one of the competition judges said that even though they have to appear virtually, the enthusiasm of the children is still extraordinary. "We, the judges, are a bit difficult to determine the best because on average they are in top performance condition," added Kunduri.

Kepri Show Off

The final result of the National Elementary/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition 2020 decided Latisya Arwa Jossi from Riau Islands (Kepri) Province as the First Winner. Latisya set aside 33 competitors from various provinces in Indonesia.

Tisya, her nickname, admitted that she was touched and grateful when it was mentioned by the judges. This is because Tisya comes from an area close to the border, namely the Anambas Islands. After successfully winning at the regency level in early 2020, she immediately prepared herself by increasing the intensity of her training.

"Hopefully, you, my friends will continue to keep the spirit of visiting and reading books in the library. I am sure that if all of us are diligent in reading books, the country of Indonesia will be more advanced and prosperous," concluded Tisya.

The following are the winners of the National Elementary/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition 2020:

1st Winner: Latisya Arwa Jossi (Riau Islands)

2nd Winner: Rifhan Hijazi (Jambi)

3rd Winner: Maya Dwi Andini (Central Java)

1st Runner-up: Azriel Naveed Adnan (Gorontalo)

2nd Runner-up: Queen Risma Setya Azzahra (East Java)

3rd Runner-up: Prema Eka Jati (DIY)


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