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07 Sep 2020

The Quality is Determined by what is Read

Salemba, Jakarta-The demographic bonus will soon be enjoyed by the Indonesian people when they enter the century of independence in 2045. The abundance of natural resources becomes the capital for development. Special potential but it is possibly having no impact if the next generations are not equipped with sufficient knowledge and information.

The technological era 4.0 brought significant changes. Within seconds all developments in the world can be witnessed. However, a lot of unknown information can damage the intelligence of thinking if it is not fortified with the quality of people's literacy," said Director of the National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando while giving direction to the National Elementary School/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition 2021 which was held virtually in Jakarta, Monday, (9/7).

Literacy has an important role in capturing and filtering information sources so that anyone, especially children and adolescents, does not fall into negative things due to wrong and incorrect information. Literacy must be understood as a lifelong learning process which is interpreted as strengthening the quality of life. Literacy as something that is applied, practical and something that is situated.

In an effort to increase literacy, libraries have important roles through several activities such as story competition, storytelling, book review and essay contest, scientific writing and others. Literacy is not only for students but also for the whole society.

On another aspect, the Director of the National Library of Indonesia believes that in the future the advancement of civilization will cause conventional practices to disappear and replace it with cyber technology. World battles no longer compete with military power but turn to technological wars or viruses.

It is hoped that Indonesia will be able to control the world at the age of a century. The title of superpower is no longer controlled by only a few countries. With condition, willing to work hard and read. The quality of humans is determined by the quality of what they currently read.

"Whatever role is played without reading, there is no power. The ability and quality of human resources will bring Indonesia to become an independent nation, sovereign in the economy," added Syarif Bando.

Library on many occasions are interpreted as being able to manage an abundant human resource, a series of active programs that involve the community in order to improve the quality of life welfare.

The involvement of local governments is also needed for programs that are rolled out to get maximum support. The success of programs such as social inclusion-based library transformation can be used as an example for regions to adapt to similar activities. Even more creative and innovative.

The implementation of the National Elementary School/Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Story Competition was participated by representatives from all provinces. Activities take place from September 7-10. The participants were given the opportunity to perform for 15 minutes and were invited to be creative from what they have read and mix it with their speech skills.


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