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03 Sep 2020

Harmonization of RPP on Submission and Deposit of KCKR Entering the Final Round

Salemba, Jakarta - The drafting of the Government Regulation Draft (RPP) on the follow-up to the implementation of Law Number 13 of 2018 concerning Submission and Deposit of Printed and Recorded Works (SSKCKR) was again demonstrated on Thursday (9/3). This virtual discussion was attended by the National Library, the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Kemenko PMK), the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), the Ministry of State Secretariat (Kemensetneg), and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham).

The SSKCKR Law mostly regulates the submission of recorded collections. Meanwhile, the RPP discussion will regulate the mechanism for procurement, submission, collection, management, and acceptance of KCKR collections, including the imposition of sanctions and awards for publishers and producers of recorded works who have submitted their work to National Library and regional (provincial) libraries. National Library and regional libraries are required to create a system for requesting printed and recorded works.

Director of Harmonization of Law Regulation I of Kemenkumham Bunyamin at the beginning of discussion delivered a number of RPP inputs that have been made by the National Library, including the consistency in the use of words. If it has been explained in detail, ideally it doesn't need to be explained again. Bunyamin emphasized that as long as this latest PP has not been enacted, then PP Number 70 of 1991 and PP Number 41 of 1999 are still valid to avoid a legal vacuum.

Commenting on Bunyamin's statement, the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando ensured that the corrections given would be followed up immediately. "We will immediately arrange it and send it back for review in the near future," said Syarif Bando.

No less important, this RPP also regulates the obligations of Indonesian citizens (WNI) when conducting research abroad about Indonesia and then published abroad, it must be submitted to the National Library. If they do not submit, the National Library is obliged to procure them through a purchasing mechanism. The same thing applies to foreign citizens (WNA) who conduct research on Indonesia.

The RPP also states that community involvement needs to be active to make a successful implementation of SSKCKR. "The RPP also regulates the role of the community in the utilization of SSKCKR collection in the National Library and Provincial Libraries," explained Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of the National Library Ofy Sofiana.


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