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24 Aug 2020

Coordination Meeting on Library Programme and Budget 2021: Local Government’s Role and CSR Support are Highly Expected

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The pandemic due to Covid-19 shows the need to strengthen literacy in society in order to return to productivity. Although on the one hand, efforts towards this direction still require hard work. The imbalance of library infrastructure between regions proves that this big task is not the sole responsibility of National Library (Perpusnas).

"The role of library is very important but must be accompanied by local governments’ support, including active support from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility-ed)," explained Director of National Library of Indonesia during Library Programme and Budget 2021 Coordination Meeting which was held virtually on Monday morning (24/8).

National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024 also emphasises that human development is one of national priorities declared by Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas. Policy direction and strategy in RPJMN are to increase literacy, innovation, and creativity for the realisation of knowledgeable and characterised society. Derivatives from policy direction and strategy carried out have a number of priority programmes and activities, namely improving literacy culture and strengthening social institutions that drive literacy and innovation.

"There are four levels of literacy to be achieved. First, the ability to collect reading material sources. Second, the ability to understand what is implied and expressed. Third, the ability to express new ideas, creativity, or innovation. And fourth, the ability to create quality goods or services that can be used in global competition," added Syarif Bando.

Meanwhile, parameters of library development in Indonesia include equality of social inclusion-based library services, skilled, creative, and responsive library staff towards community needs, collection and programme for the community-based library transformation, and commitment as well as stakeholder support for sustainable library transformation.



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